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What are the advantages of having a smart house? To learn more about smart home system read below examples of home automation benefits:

Suppose that your home is equipped with smart home system and you are getting back there from vacation, just with a simple phone call you can turn your HVAC system on that makes your home more comfortable when you reach there.

کنترل هوشمند سیستم سرمایشی و گرمایشی

During the night when you are resting upstairs in your bed, you can active security system just for courtyard and ground floor. Also when you heard suspicious sound you can easily light up whole building and courtyard by pressing a button from your bedside.

When you are in vacation in case of intrusion smart security system beside triggering sirens can automatically call the police and send an alarm report to you by e-mail.
کنترل هوشمند سیستم ایمنی , سیستم دزدگیر
In the morning as you desired the smart  home system opens blinds and turns the coffee maker on while bath is going to ready for a nice shower.  کنترل هوشمند پرده و کرکره برقی

Any water or gas leakage in your home or Fire alarm can be immediately reported to you by a phone call, SMS or e-mail.

سیستم اعلان اخطار هوشمند
All the time you can easily control and monitor your smart home by your Smart phone, PC and tablet. کنترل هوشمند صوت و تصویر
In your garden if your plants need water automated watering system can be activated in every evening, thanks to astronomical switching timer. ایستگاه هواشناسی ساختمان هوشمند

While you are leaving your home you can easily turn all lamps off by pressing a button from entrance area and next time you return home if there is insufficient lighting Smart Home System turns lamps on automatically.

کنترل هوشمند سیستم روشنایی



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