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نمایندگی برکر، مرتن و اشنایدر در ایران

Basalte creates unique user experiences for the Smart Home. The company was founded in 2008 in Ghent, Belgium. In only a few years Basalte has built a product range that is distributed in over 50 countries worldwide.

Our constant striving towards the essence results in timeless products that are both elegant and simple to use. They do not only look or feel good, they are also great fun to use.

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Basalte IRAN

When Robert and Hugo Berker founded their small company in Schalksmühle in the Sauerland in 1919, no-one could have foreseen that their "Special factory for electrotechnical installation units" would quickly grow into a widely-recognised producer of switches. Its success was based not only on reliable technology, but also on that same sense of fine shapes to which the company has remained true throughout the decades, the passing trends, and crises.

A selection from more than 85 years of design history

نماینده رسمی برکر
R1 and R3 design

B.IQ design

Touch screen

KNX wireless system

Hager sensors

For more than a hundred years, the premium brand Merten has stood for pioneering and well-designed solutions for intelligent buildings. Innovativeness, quality and design play the most important role in the development and implementation of solutions and new products.

Solutions for intelligent buildings are available in over 130 countries. Especially places where high-utility solutions are required: in houses, offices, public buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals and businesses. The range includes many internationally distinguished switch ranges, movement and smoke detectors as well as solutions for the intelligent building system technology KNX. Quality assurance is as important to Merten as the customers' demands for intelligent solutions. This can take the form of constant controls, a high level of personal responsibility on the part of employees or continuous optimisation of work processes. Confirmation of this high quality standard: ISO 9001:2000 certification.

نماینده رسمی اشنایدر

Antique design

System M-elegance glass design
MDT technologies designs and produces KNX devices with excellent quality at best cost-performance ratio. More than 20 years experience in development and manufacturing of electronic devices guarantee solid products. Our production in Germany is certified according to ISO9001. Fully automatic pick-and-place lines are used to produce Switch Actuators, Shutter Actuators, Heating Actuators, Binary Inputs, Push Buttons and other KNX devices with 3 years warranty.

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نماینده رسمی MDT

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